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Lab Lovers Rescue

Lab Lovers Rescue is a not-for-profit volunteer dog rescue organization serving Rochester, NY and surrounding areas.  Our focus is on Labrador Retrievers, however we will help with other breeds and animals when space allows.

We are dedicated to rescuing Labs left homeless for whatever reason.  Following a comprehensive adoption process we place dogs in loving, caring homes.  This process includes taking considerable care to find quality matches versus the quantity of adoptions.  This can mean that a dog can be in our care for some time.  While we won’t euthanize a dog due to space issues, this means that we cannot take in every dog that needs help.  We assist dogs in distress without regard to age or ease of placement.

Animals in our care receive all appropriate veterinary care and treatment, and are placed in nurturing foster homes while they await placement in their permanent homes.  We do not have a permanent shelter and we rely on our foster families, online resources and adoption events and meet and greets.  As such, since the foster homes are the backbone of our organization it is our goal to provide them with the best experience possible.

We believe every animal deserves to be loved.  Our ultimate goal is to see the day when our services are no longer needed.

To see more about Lab Lovers Rescue click here.

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    Foster Families Needed

Helping Hans

Click the picture to see how Lab Lovers Rescue and Hans are helping our Veterans!

Lab Lovers Rescue would like to thank the following for significant contributions to Hans and Veterans Outreach.

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Lab Lovers Needs Help!

Are you interested in volunteering? Lab Lovers Rescue is looking for a Home Check Coordinator to join the rescue!

Responsibilities include but are not limited to, arrange home visits for potential adopters. Is expected to complete home checks with the help of other volunteers within two weeks of receipt of application whenever possible. Works closely with the Application Coordinator and Reference Check Coordinator to be sure applicants are notified when they are approved to adopt.  Maintains written procedures for completion of job.

Click here to fill out a volunteer application.

Our NYS Tax ID is 03-0599139

We have our IRS 501(c) 3 status

This classifies us as a public charity. We rely solely on donations from caring individuals.

To see more about our name change click here.

Help out Lab Lovers!

Donate a Kuranda bed!

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