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Our Featured Dog

We need foster families!

This dog is not available for adoption.

This face is just one of the faces that was saved from death in a shelter.

How did we do it? With generous donations from people like you! Also, our foster homes were waiting with open arms to keep these dogs in their house while we find them new homes. Please won't you consider fostering a dog for Lab Lovers Rescue???

Right now, there are many dogs and puppies in the pound waiting for us to bring them to safety. Without the support of our foster families we cannot pull these dogs from the pound and bring them to Rochester.

If you live in or around Rochester, please click here to fill out our online application.

Fostering is a good option for those who love dogs but cannot commit to a dog for 10-14 years. Most of our dogs are in their foster homes for two weeks to two months.

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Our featured dog is Gracie.

Meet Gracie! This playful little girl will melt your heart! At one year old, Gracie weighs in at just 36 pounds and we're pretty sure she's almost done growing!

Gracie is completely crate-trained and house broken. At night, she sleeps soundly on a bed in her crate snuggled up with her blanket. During the day, she likes to play with the resident dogs at her foster's house. She loves chew toys and playing chase in the fenced-in yard. Because she likes to chase everything (including cars), we are requiring that she go to a home with a physically fenced-in yard.

Gracie is sweet, affectionate, and extra snuggly when she's snoozy. She LOVES all people, but because she is still learning not to mouth on humans, we recommend that she go to a home with kids over 8.

She's incredibly food motivated, making her easy to train, but this smart little girl already comes when you call her and is working on "off" and "sit".

We're not totally sure what she's mixed with but if we had to guess, we would say she is 50% puppy face, 25% floppy ears, and 25% fluffy fur adding up to 100% adorable! Does Gracie sound like she could be the right mix for you?

Approved adopters can contact the foster family here.

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