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Happy Endings

Here are some special "Happy Ending Adoption Tails."
Please send us pictures and news about your adopted buddies!
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We adopted Tucker December 1st, 2017. He was surrendered with his sister Daisy in Kentucky and was brought to Rochester by Lab Lovers to be adopted. When I first met Tucker, he was the sweetest. He was calm and gentle and as I said hello, he sat on my feet. I instantly knew he was going to be my best friend. His foster Lynn was so patient while doing home visits with our cat. She has even babysat for us. She and her family took amazing care of Tucker until he and I found each other!
Over the past year and a half, he has really come out of his shell. He is a silly playful boy with so much personality! He loves to travel with us and has been to the Adirondacks, many places in Massachusetts, Portland and Bar Harbor Maine, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. When he is not traveling with us, he is enjoying time snuggling with his kitty sister.

We are so lucky to be able to still do play dates with his littermate sister, Daisy who was also adopted through Lab Lovers! They love to swim and play at the park!
We could not imagine our lives without him. He is the light of our lives, our child, our sunshine, our everything. Thank you for the gift you have given our family. We’re so blessed and honored to be Tuckers parents!
Cait, Keshov, Tucker, and Lemon 



My family and I adopted Bailey (formerly Midnight) March 2018, eight months after the passing of our 11-year old lab Sophie.  Bailey is a happy Lab who has brought so much love to our grieving hearts.  She has infused our home with joy with her playful energy.  She loves to gallop around the house with the closest squeaky toy.  She tends to lean in and rest her head on any available family or friend’s laps to get petted.  Then she’ll look directly up at you with the sweetest eyes.  We just love how expressive labs can be with their eyebrows and ears.

Although Bailey had some medical concerns in the beginning, my family and I appreciate the attention to detail the Lab Lovers Rescue Foster Family provided in her health documents.  This was extremely beneficial to Bailey when she was introduced to our Veterinarian.  Bailey is now on the road to excellent health.

Like all puppies, Bailey can be impulsive therefore she has begun her dog obedience training.  She knows how to sit especially before eating her meals (food motivated) and when she gets her leash on.  Her walks are improving because she is so curious about everything in her path.

Our family’s Lab Rescue journey has just begun and we look forward to many adventures with Bailey.  A special THANK YOU to Lab Lovers Rescue and her Foster Family for their dedication to rescuing and loving homeless Labs.

Warm regards,
Susan, Michael, Ryan and Christopher



In the spring of 2014 I lost my 14 year old chocolate lab.  after a couple of months I filled out a Rudy's Rescue form in hopes of adopting a rescue lab.  At our local farmers market I ran in to neighbors who were planning to foster a Rudy's dog that summer. 

I met Jack (originally named "Diesel") in 2014 at my neighbors house and made the decision to adopt.  Jack was a 3- month old "lab mix" from Bowling Green Kentucky.  As Jack grew and developed a deep hound bark, it was apparent he was less lab and more something else.  After doing some research I determined he is actually a Plott Hound.  Similar to a lab but more of a hunter, leaner, and less hyper when in the house. 
He is bright, friendly, and loves to play.  He loves to socialize with humans and other dogs.  He is incredibly loyal and seems to remember everyone and everything.  He outruns and out swims everyone dog.  Jack is an athlete!

I have had Jack for two years and he is a total joy.  Rudy's was a great organization to work with.  Thanks so much for connecting Jack and me.




Rufus has been with us for about 18 months and we are so happy to have him!

We walk every day, usually with neighborhood dog friends, and we often go to nearby parks. He likes toys and balls and sticks but playing with other dogs is his favorite activity.

We did some training together and he is now a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen!

Rufus speaks to us with his soulful eyes and his adorable, sometimes crooked, ears.

We love him so much and we feel lucky to have met him through Rudy's Rescue. Thank you!

Betsy W, FK G, and F G



To Rudy’s Rescue,

We just wanted to let you know how well Sierra (now named Indy) is doing. We adopted her in 2008 when she was a puppy. Indy quickly became part of our family she is healthy, happy and loves to play every day with our 3 kids. Thanks for all the great work you do to rescue dogs.

The McClellan family.



I picked up Jess (formerly Catherine) 5 weeks ago and we have quickly settled into our routine. Crate trained upon arrival and quick to learn her obedience commands, I feel like I’m getting off easy. Extremely curious to her surroundings, she never fails to amaze and amuse. In typical lab fashion, she loves food, people, and other dogs. Did I mention food?
I was initial hesitant to adopt a rescue dog but Jess has proved my fears were baseless. Jess is home!

Thank you Rudy's Rescue!



Rudy's Rescue!
Thank you so much for allowing us to have Pongo come to our family (about three years ago). When our family first got him, he would sometimes get very angry and bear his teeth. BUT NOW he  is very gentle and protective of our family. With the love you allowed us to give him, he is playful, cuddlely, and a faithful friend. Pongo even loves to sleep with his stuffed animals on our beds. :) We love our Pongo! He is such a wonderful part of the family. Rudy's Rescue and love has resuced a dear creation of God!!

Thank you again!
Lisa H. and Family

Duncan (Dubb)


We have now had Duncan (formerly Dubb) for two years. He's doing great.  He loves going on walks, running and playing in the yard and playing with Bella our other dog. He is so attached and loyal to every member of our family.  His favorite thing to do is smuggle! We are so lucky to have him and  are very thankful.



Jennifer, Amy, Shimiah: I just wanted to send a picture of sweet Sadie and me.  I just love her so.  I have always had dogs in my life and I have loved every one, but Sadie is extra special.  Thank you for bringing her into my life.  She seems to love it here (and me) and we take walks and she loves to ride in the car. She has brought so much joy to my life in just this short of time. I have obtained her dog license and also I have taken her to my vet to check her out per the adoption terms and she is just fine. Jennifer took such good care of her. The thyroid is at the correct levels and the dosage of medicine is just right.  We both have to lose 5 pounds though (LOL) ...and I did get an anti-inflammatory prescription for her right foreleg which has a bit of arthritus but not too bad. I guess I got a little carried away with taking walks when I first brought her home which caused a bit of lameness.  Thank you for all the work you do at Rudys to save dogs like Sadie.  I can't imagine life without her.

With love and admiration,


Chloe (Promise)


Promise is now Chloe.  She has been a wonderful addition ever since bringing her home to her forever home.  She has adjusted to her new BFF Mulligan beautifully.  (Chloe is the black lab in this picture. )

Shortly after she came home I started taking her to visit my parents who were living in assisted living at the time.  She was wonderful for them and they for her.  She quietly sat by their sides while they petted her.  My parents have both since passed on, which is one reason why this update is so late.  She would happily stop as the residents reached out to pet her and was almost as happy as they were.  She is very sensitive to my feelings and seems to respond to what I need.

Chloe is a happy girl who loves people!  She has no desire to play or chase a ball.  She likes walks because she is with me, but is just as happy sitting at my side, or stretched out on one of the couches, or curled up on one of the beds.  She welcomes company, after a good healthy barking, and is often the first warning of another dog walking on her front sidewalk.  

Chloe was the star of her obedience class and had an almost perfect final exam score.  (She doesn't like to stand for exam and would rather lay down for a belly rub!).

I am so happy we were able welcome her into our home and look forward to many years of wonderful companionship!




Cole, as he was named when we got him, has found a happy home with us. We renamed him Maxwell (all of our dogs have been named after Beatles songs), and he moved right in. He and our other dog Sadie have become best of friends. Even though she is much older than he is, he still manages to get her playing with him. He never uses his far greater strength and size to bully her. He seems to realize that he needs to play gently with his new sister. He initially had a lot of separation anxiety, but this is improving as he gains trust that we are always going to return and that he is not going to lose us. His biggest challenge is when he meets other dogs during our twice daily walks. He gets quite upset, and we have been working with him to help him accept that other dogs have a right to walk too! He has been through the Feisty Fidos class at Lollypop Farm twice, and will graduate to Level 2 this summer. This too has improved, although he has a ways to go. Max has become a wonderful addition to our household. We love him like crazy and know that he has finally found a loving and caring home. Our thanks go to Rudy’s Rescues for bringing us together.



Deuce (formerly Zeus) is a wonderful addition to our family and we can't imagine NOT having him in our lives.  He is a fantastic dog and has transitioned into our lives very easily.  He follows us around like our shadow, warns us of attacking squirrels, comes (eagerly) when called, learns quickly......manners AND tricks, is a good companion for our 12 year old Lab, is happy and playful and is loved dearly.  We appreciate Amy and Rudy's Rescue for all that was done to bring him to us.  He is a precious gift and will be lovingly cared for and cherished for years to come.

Proud & happy dog parents,

Howard & Phyllis

Trixie (Soso)


Trixie, now known as Soso has adjusted to her new home well.She is so loved and spolied.Thank you Amy for all  you went thru with her.Also the rest of the team. So much good is done for the animals and also for the people who adopt them and love them. Thanks again, Jan



This "thank you" note is months and months overdue but necessary for us to write.  We adopted Smuckers (FKA Mattie) in March of 2011, just 2 months after the passing of our 13 year old lab Nala and 4 months before the arrival of our first child, Faith. 
Smuckers has been an amazing distraction from our sadness and an overwhelming welcome wagon of kisses to our new baby girl.  She settled into her new home very quickly and easily adopted us as her new family.  She has done amazing with all of her training and even got the "Most Improved" award in her puppy training class!  Smuckers is full of fun, exciting puppy energy and she has the sweetest, most loving heart.  Knowing that Smuckers was headed towards being euthanized in Tennessee before being rescued, makes us overcome with emotion when we see her running and playing in our backyard.  She has so much fun everyday! 
Smuckers is such a happy lab who has brought so much love and spirit back into our home.  She fills up her days with playing frisbee, going for walks, napping on the couch and bringing toys to our 3 month old daughter.  Smuckers even gets to play with our parents lab, Bacon, every week!  The two together look like twins and give true meaning to the phrase "Best Friends". 
So with all that being said, we want to send a huge, huge THANK YOU to everyone at Rudys for giving a second chance to hundreds of amazing dogs and for giving us the privilege of being a loving family to one of them.
Forever Grateful & Forever Adopters,
Jenn, Joe, Faith & Smuckers



Diesel is doing great!! He has warmed up so fast!!! Amy, I want to thank you and everyone from Rudy's for all the guidance in making Diesel's transition into his new home as smooth as possible. You people are doing great things for animals as well as humans. I wish you all the best and I will keep you updated on diesel's progress. Thank you again!!

Rick C



Jilly is pictured here doing one of her favorite things...carrying two tennis balls around at once! Jilly has the most incredible personality- gentle, loving, entertaining and attentive.  My husband Jim, our 11 year old lab Abby and I adopted Jilly in August 2011- It took all of 48 hours for her to become completely comfortable with us and her new surroundings.  Jim and I often comment on how adaptable Jilly is and what an effortless adoption and transition we all had with her arrival. Jilly has been especially beneficial for our older dog Abby- they have become typical sisters, vying for our attention and each other's toys!

Thank you Rudy's Rescue for all your efforts providing Jilly and all Rudy's dogs with a second/third/fourth... chance at adoption. We wish to recognize Jilly's most recent foster family for taking such great care of Jilly while she was waiting for us to come along~  

Best wishes~
Now, we will always choose adoption!!

Jim and Connie



Mojo has filled us with such joy since we adopted him last spring.

He is generally mellow, but can be goofy and runs around like crazy during our morning ritual – throwing his football while waiting for our 6-year-old daughter, Annalie, to catch the bus. He loves to stalk squirrels and go for walks in the woods near our house, and we’ve taken him on vacations with us to other states, where we hike and wade in waterfalls.

We waited a long time for the right dog to come along – and Mojo was definitely worth the wait. I often say to Annalie, “Can you believe he’s actually part of our lives?”

Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to make Mojo a member of our family!

Patrick, Robin & Annalie F.



We adopted Sully a.k.a. Captain Sullivan Michael (f.k.a. Dean) in March 2011 after a very long search for the right dog for us.  Sully is quite the character and has brought much laughter and joy to our home.  Sully is wonderful with our two young girls and our girls are just crazy about him.  In fact our five year old Sophia works with him daily on his training, going over all the commands and rewarding him with treats.  Our two year old laughs hysterically at all the kisses she gets from sully and is constantly telling him he is a ‘good boy’.  Sully is a jogging partner, a skilled hiker, and an unbelievable swimmer.  We have friends in the neighborhood who also have young labs and fully fenced backyards, so sully has play dates almost daily with his buddies in the neighborhood.
Thank you Rudy’s Rescue for all the wonderful work you do and for bringing Sully into our lives!!

Casey Jones


My family and I adopted Casey (Jones) July 2010. We LOVE him so much! He was a part of our family from the first day, it was so wonderful. He even thought so by marking our daughter's room! Casey has his own chair in the living room that he will share with our daughter but will politely kick anyone else out of. He has so many furry friends and people friends, everyone knows Casey. The pizza guy knows and loves him as the pizza monster, Casey knows the pizza guy as his best friend!

Casey loves our two year old daughter as his own. He cleans her, her play area, and is a wonderful diaper alarm. No one is allowed to see her without going through him first (a big fuzzy block and wet kisses of course). He washes her face every day and helps dry her off after her bath (sometimes helps with the bath). Casey is the reason she started walking and a big part of helping her talk "Casey Jones is silly".

Casey LOVES the park, we take him every weekend. He loves to run around off of his leash and to play with other "crazy mutts" in the water. He likes to play fetch with my husband and never fails to loose the ball at the park. 

Our friend Casey has helped and enriched our lives so much. He is our friend, fitness buddy, playmate, plate cleaner, diaper sniffer, face and foot cleaner, snuggler, bed warmer, kitty alarm, mighty squirrel hunter, fly eater, door alarm, window smudger, bathroom buddy, alarm clock, door greeter, and the list goes on.

Thank you for our friend and "fuzzy son".

Lisa and Chuck A.



This is Sam playing with her next door buddy, they go at it all the time, Like sisters.

She has adjusted to her new home and is at my side all the time.

What a joy it is to have a dog like her around.

Thank you all for the wonderful chance you gave me.

Sam F.


We adopted Schatzi about eight months ago when he was just a couple weeks over a year old.  When I think back to those first few weeks and look at where he is now, it’s amazing!  He had many fears (even to the rustling sound of his food bag), but now he’ll even get within three feet of me when I’m vacuuming!  I tutor full-time in my home, and he quickly learned that I would allow him to alert bark each time a new student came in, but then he had to be quiet behind the gate in the kitchen while I tutored.  (The student and I sit right where he can see us the whole time.)  He still is a bit of a challenge when we have visitors at other times of the day, and he’s not behind the gate, but we’re working on it! 

Schatzi has been to obedience classes and has earned the Good Citizen Award.  At Christmas time, he traveled to Virginia with us, which included visits to the homes of our children/grandchildren, staying in a motel, etc., and he adjusted beautifully.  Recently we took our first camping trip with him.  I wasn’t sure how he would do in the confined area of the trailer, but he behaved wonderfully, even with the other dogs and different people that were around when we were outside.  The most fun we had with him on the camping trip was when we attempted to play tennis while he was in the court with us.  Of course, he thought he had to chase every ball because we play with tennis balls a lot with him at home.  We had to stop after a short time because we didn’t want him to get overheated, but I wish someone had video-taped it!  While we were playing, a lady came over who had recently had to have a lab put down, so we told her about Rudy’s!  

Schatzi is definitely a retriever.  When we play with him, he usually will put at least two toys in his mouth at once.  Outside he can hold a stick, a Frisbee, and a rubber bone in his mouth all at the same time!  One day he was barking furiously at the ground outside.  When I went out to see what the problem was, I found a poor, little, petrified bird who must have fallen out of a nest, opening and closing his mouth, while this huge lab barked three inches from its beak.  Schatzi didn’t hurt it though; I rescued the bird on a piece of cardboard (to put it outside our fence), and Schatzi settled down immediately.

We adopted Schatzi a couple months after we had had to put our two older dogs down for two different types of cancer.  Because Schatzi is so much younger than our two older, thoroughly trained dogs were, we’ve definitely had challenges; at times, he can act like a rebellious teenager. However, there’s no question he’s firmly entrenched in our home!  A special thanks to Rudy’s and his foster family (who gave us tons of support through the first few months) for giving us this opportunity! 



5 years ago my husband and I adopted our first rescue dog and the bond that formed between us was like no other.  Over the years, I always knew that a second dog was in our future but it was really up to our current canine to accept another pup into the “pack.”  When my husband and I decided it was time, we happened to come across Millie; a sweet, young, yellow lab mix who was just rescued from a high-kill shelter in South Carolina. 

When we first laid eyes on her, we knew that she was destined to be a part of our family.  Cute, sassy and a young spirit, we knew that she would give us a run for our money but we could not have been prepared for the level of excitement that she was about to bring with her.  The second that we met her, it was meant to be; we were her new family and as an early birthday present, I was going to be her forever Mommy (couldn’t have asked for anything better in the entire world)!

No doubt the transition period was just that; a transition.  We went from a household of relaxation and comfort to a whirlwind of puppy terror.  Millie was ready to rock, ready to play, run and terrorize our senior dog and extra senior cat.  Oh boy, we needed to switch gears and get this pup into obedience school and run her like crazy.

Millie graduated adolescent kindergarten, has learned boundaries and is in love with her older brother.  More importantly, she has found where she belongs and knows that she will always be taken care of no matter the circumstance. 

We can’t say enough wonderful things about rescuing animals.  From the love and bond that they form to the feeling of joy and fulfillment that comes with knowing that we’ve saved a life – we will forever adopt and are HUGE advocates for others.

Millie is truly the love of our lives and as an early birthday present to me, she has fallen head over heels in love with her Mommy.  My heart swells every single day that I wake up to her or come home to her smiling and waiting for me.  We love her so much and thank each of the Rudy’s Rescue volunteers for all the work they do and for choosing us as Millie’s forever home. 

And on behalf of Millie, she thanks you too; for finding the best fit for her as well.

We are forever grateful,

Karen, Dwight, Charger, Millie and Bubba



Just an update on our new member of our family. I lost my yellow lab after 14 yrs of a wonderful long fulfilling life.  I enjoy having 2 dogs and thought  we would try a lab rescue. Specifically Rudy's Lab rescue. Well we found Maggie after keeping watch of  the site, saw her an immediately wanted to meet her. It was truly love @ first site. She stole my heart and continues to do so everyday. She and Clover, my chocolate lab get along great. Clover older then Maggie was a very good teacher. Although MagMoo didn't need much training. I did take her to dog obedience 2 wks after she joined our family. We continued through a couple of sessions and Maggie obtained a AKC good citizen canine certificate. My only regret is not having her since she was a puppy. She brings a smile to my face daily she is truly a joy. We enjoy our walks in all the seasons. We take both dogs most every where we go, as long as its not to hot or to cold. Last year was the end of the swimming season. Maggie, not familiar with swimming in an above ground pool and a bit heavy she still jumped in while we were in the pool. We helped her up the pool ladder. She would look at Clover with astonishment as Clover would jump high and far into the pool. Well, this year Maggie has truly mastered the swimming pool. She is like a life guard keeping watch for us to throw her water toys into the water as she rescues each toy back to the deck. She, actually swims under water to retrieve them, she is amazing I have seen it on u-tube,  but for my dog to do it, its unbelievable. She also enjoys just swimming the perimeter of the pool with us as we swim laps. When I first adopted her she was almost 100 lbs her legs were bowed she was so heavy, a short walk up the street she would pant, I thought she would have a heart attack right there in the street. With exercise and a good diet she is a healthy 72 lbs and solid.  Thank you for giving us the chance to adopt Maggie. She is truly beautiful inside and out. We just love her.


Ms. Bea


I have attached a picture of my wonderful lab rescued in January 2011.  Ms. Bea came to me with some hip issues, and in early February 2011 she underwent a TPLO procedure at Veterinary Specialists of Rochester. After a short stay at TheraVet, a wonderful rehab hospital for dogs, and continued PT, she is now ten weeks post op and is doing fantastic!  She is able to now walk pain free for two miles a day, and on weekends we can go 3 miles!  She is the love of my life, and has one of the best personalities anyone could ask for! 

She and I are a great team, and I am so thankful that Rudy’s found her and sent her my way!! P.S.  Ms. Bea would like me to pass along that she is no longer a “Full-Figured Girl”.  She has dropped down to a svelte 87 pounds, and has a gorgeous waistline!  I would like to report that her diet inspired me, and along with both of our walking and caloric restriction we are both sporting healthier figures!!!

Sincerely,  Jennifer



Addy has been a part of our family since we fostered to adopt this wonderful dog on Valentines Day 2011.  Everyone who meets Addy is amazed that anyone could abandon such an amazing dog.  Now 2 + months later and Addy is sister to our senior pet and our two kids and we couldn't imagine our lives without her.  She has just completed level 1 of dog obedience and is looking forward to canine good citizen.  She LOVES our backyard- giving me a disappointed look when I disturb her as she is stalking the birds at the bird feeder or keeping an eye on the squirrels.  She can't stop herself from trying to chase the fat robbins when walking around the neighborhood on her leash.
Addy is wonderful with the kids- letting them chase her around the yard gives all of them much enjoyed exercise.   As active as she is, she is a huge teddy bear- always ready for a snuggle with her human or canine siblings.  We can't thank Rudy's Rescue enough for rescuing Addy - She is our special valentine!

Thank you!



Phoebe, (used to be Molly) was rescued by us March of 2010. She had been in foster care in Rochester NY. Phoebe has now been a part of our family for just over a year. She and our other chocolate lab love each other dearly. He protects her and she takes care of him. Our male is 4 years older then Phoebe and acts likes an older brother. During summer months Phoebe has learned how to hike and swim, which we do quite often. She loves it. She is a traveling dog and has been on many adventures with us. Her longest trip so far was to Virginia for Thanksgiving. She is amazing in the car and behaves so well. She was happy to go and my family loved her. She continues to play fetch and loves to go for walks. She has now learned how to lay down, stay, and give paw. And she comes when she's called better then our male lab! Thank you for being the rescue center you are and for caring for dogs like her who so desperately need good homes. Here is a picture of them together.
Shannon and Mike



We adopted Doppler (formerly known as Echo from the E litter) when he was 9 weeks old and now he has just turned 2.  He's a ball of energy and a great companion.  We have bonded over our love for running and he is currently helping me and my husband train for the Seattle marathon.  Doppler is a great motivator; he certainly doesn't let us miss a morning run!

On his "rest" days, Doppler plays with his girlfriends at Camp Bow Wow - where he is apparently quite the ladies man. We also discovered that his litter mate, Basil (from the same Rudy's Rescue litter of pups) attends Camp Bow Wow and the two of them are inseparable!

We couldn't imagine our lives without Doppler, he's just such a wonderful dog.  Thank you Rudy's Rescue!

Ellen and Pete

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