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Helping Hans


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The latest program implemented by Lab Lovers Rescue is HELPING HANS. 

Lab Lovers Rescue identified a rescue dog that was deemed appropriate in temperament, demeanor and size, evaluated, and entered a training program. Lab Lovers Rescue then provided Hans (aka Handsome) free of charge to the Veterans Outreach Center where he serves as a companion dog to veterans dealing with PTSD or drug addiction. With this program a dog’s life was saved along with up to 30 veterans having a constant companion and stress relief.

This companion support dog (who is also has Canine Good Citizen certification) decreases isolation of the veterans, can decrease the need for many medications, decreases anxiety and panic attacks when in crowded public places, and finally provides a stress free friend to relax and enjoy. 

This extensive and costly training is at no charge to the Veterans Outreach Center. Training can last 6-9 months or more depending on the age that the dog enters the program. Once training is completed and the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizenship classification is awarded to the team. The dog may also be eligible for service dog designation, according to the American Disabilities Act.

This is a vital program that has the heart and soul of many involved. 

Hans is the first dog to enter into this program and we need your help to allow more dogs to be matched with veterans.

Would you like to support our program and offer a donation?

Thank you in advance!